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Generator aerosoli salini "HaloPrima"

Producător: halomedaeromed genesung | Adăugat: Vineri, 18 Februarie 2011
Generator aerosoli salini "HaloPrima"
Halogenerator HaloPrima-01

-Halogenerator with microprocessor control
-Optical detector of aerosol concentration
-set for device's maintenance

Newest halogenerator. The last developed model of controlled halogenerators. This is a compact yet powerful device at budget price
Useful for the prophylaxis of respiratory and dermatological conditions in spa and wellness organizations, resorts, hotels etc.

o The device is for usage in rooms with a maximum volume of 30mp (100 m3).
o The device is supplied with the system that controls the average concentration of dry salt aerosol.
o Dispersal of aerosol, created by device, does not exceed 5 micrometers for 80% of particles.
o Power supply unit of the device uses AC power system, frequency 50 Hz, voltage 230V.
o The device uses DC voltage 24 V.
o The device's power consumption reaches a maximum wattage of 70. When the disintegrator is switched off, power consumption decreases to around 15 W.
o The device weight (in units) is at most: the apparatus 7 kg, power unit 0,8 kg, detector 1 kg.
o Overall dimension (in units) is at most: the apparatus 300 mm x 320 mm x 300 mm, power unit 170mm x 80 mm x 50 mm, indicator 180mm x 50 mm x 50 mm.
HaloPRima is in certification process and have CE certificate from the beginning of February 2011.
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